Mirage rotary Tattoomaschine
  • Mirage rotary Tattoomaschine
  • Mirage rotary Tattoomaschine

Mirage Rotary

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Mirage Rotary Tattoo Machine

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Mirage ist eine Rotary-Tattoomaschine aus spezieller Aluminium-Legierung (Ergal), sehr leicht - nur 70g, 130 mit dem inkludierten 25mm Aluminium-Grip. Sehr universell, sowohl für keine und große Lineworks, als auch für Schattierungen und zum Ausfüllen geeignet - Liner und Shader in einem.

Farben von mitgelieferten Griffstücken können variieren!

The new rotary tattoo machine is manufactured in Italy in the Lauro Paolini factory, where thousands of small jewelery are exported all over the world. It is called Mirage, it is built in aeronautical aluminum (ergal) and weighs only 70g, 130 with adjustable aluminum grip of 25 mm diameter. The 12v / 11000 rpm engine is Italian, built for us according to our directives, 12 months warranty from the date of purchase. The motion components have 2 year warranty and the frame is guaranteed to life. Except for tampering.

The Mirage is very versatile, working on the voltage fits small and large lines and is great for fills and shades. It encapsulates all the features of the best foreign rotaries but at a much lower price with the security of an Italian / European warranty. Quick and dedicated assistance. 

Technical features:

Italian Engine: 12 Volt

Needle stroke: 3,5 mm

Connection: Built-in RCA in frame

Recommended maximum voltage: 12V

Recommended working range: 7 to 10 V (with good quality power supply and amperage not less than 2 amp)

Chassis: Four-axis machining center aluminum (CNC) - anodized color

Weight: 70 g with grip 130g

Kompatibel mit Griffstücken und Cartridges von Cheyenne.


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